Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Abolish Abortion essays

Abolish Abortion essays Abortion is a method for a pregnant woman to discard the growing fetus that lives inside of her. There are many arguments for and against abortion. Some people say that the mother should have a choice to abort her baby, and others say that it is wrong to kill a child. Abortion is wrong. When a baby is aborted, that child has no chance at life. Abortion kills a living breathing human that lives inside of the mother. Dr. Alan Moore from the University of Texas states that one out of every twenty pregnancies end in abortion. That is five lives out of one hundred that could have been saved if the mother had decided to let her child live. Abortion also harms the mother. Every woman that has an abortion is twenty-five percent less likely to become pregnant in the future. If then she decides that she does want to have a child, it will become harder for her to get pregnant. Abortion is also creating a problem in the hospitals. The dead fetuses are very difficult to dispose of. There are no graves being built for the fetuses and the hospital has to send them off to a lab to have tests run on them for genealogical purposes. This is a very costly and tedious process for the doctors and the lab technicians. The Pro-Choice supporters that are for abortion argue that it is a mothers right to decide whether the child should live or die. They are stating that if the mother does not want a child, she should just have it sucked out of her body and disposed of like last weeks garbage. They claim that a growing fetus is not an actual living person; therefore, that fetus should not have a chance at life. Most mothers choose to have their babies aborted because they dont have the funds to support a child. The government has provided systems such as welfare, which gives the mother money to support the child, and they have started adoption agencies, which find suitable parents for the child. There ...

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